Monday, April 13, 2009

A Little Under the Weather

I'm suffering from a pretty bad bladder infection but Matthew, being the good son he is, took me to the local clinic this morning and I got an antibiotic thank goodness. I'm hoping to feel back to normal pretty soon.
It is cold and rainy and we even had a hail storm while ago.
Next thing is Matthew is going to set up a table in the room that is next to my room so that I can bring up some of my beads. Haleigh is chomping at the bit for that you know.
For now, not much else going on.
Hope our day is going well.


Marge said...

Oh, sorry you aren't feeling up to par. The antibiotic should have you feeling better soon. Oh, I can just imagine Haleigh wanting to get at those beads! You take care now and rest up until you feel better. You've been through a lot of life changes recently, and could probably use a little rest to catch your system up with itself!

Memaw's memories said...

Sounds like you are getting settled in. Hope you are feeling better today.

It was rainy, wet and cold here all weekend, and your beloved Georgia got pounded by storms.

Have a great day.

The_Gertster said...

sorry you are sick,,,,,,Hope the meds are helping! I am sure you knew this was coming,,,,,So I am glad you got some medicine for it finally! Hope you are feeling better bu the time you read this!!!