Monday, August 04, 2008

And I Suggested it!!!

This is just not ours, but very similar.I Had no time in my glutton state to have my own picture. Less meatballs, we had sauce.
I'm learning, ok? I'm new at this.

When my parents got home yesterday morning , they ate some eggs and biscuits and then took a nap, and I came back home.
My mom said she'd like to make a big pot of something, so that she'd have something to eat on this week while she is back and forth to the hospital with my stepfather being there all the rest of the week, so me , I suggest Spaghetti and it sounds good to me. So she decides she'll make it by scratch, which she's gotten really good at, and we'll eat early, say around five.

I tell her I'll be up around four thirty and do some garlic toast. Let me just tell you one thing here, Hot weather, (in which I was barely out of one house, in a car, out a car, and in a house, all of which were cool) home made spaghetti sauce, very spicy (dumb I know) and garlic bread, and whole wheat noodles, OH my god was it good and I ate too much, too fast! And I paid for it too. It gave me the worse indigestion among , ah, er, other things we won't discuss on my blog, but how stupid was I to eat that?
But man was it good! And I paid for it all afternoon but it was good. If it had been later in the day, it was still so hot here at five, if I'd only eaten a little lady like bit, I'd have been ok, so I can only blame myself but I was so hungry for it. And now I don't think I want anything ever to eat again.

But for the past few days, I'd chicken noodles, tuna fish and crackers, cottage cheese and fruit, I was ready to actually TASTE something ( and it just had to be this concoction that my mother makes and calls her "homemade" sauce. ) At some point I escaped quickly, jumped in my car and game home and felt that spaghetti making a point to me somewhere, somehow it was going to stay with me for a while. My gums burned, I felt steam coming from the nose, my through felt pure lava coming down. I deserved this. And so the spaghetti sauce was a bad companion with me last night and I swear if It felt like I sweat basil!

And was worth it, as I sat there burpi____ng that spice (WHAT iS THAT SPICE? I think she uses a secret ingredient that isn't even suppose to go in Spaghetti sauce!) But it was so good. But ok, I get it, hot weather, chemo, spicy food, (lots of it) does not MIX!
Lesson learned!

So chalk it up to experience that is so new and different to me right now. My body is not the one I know, my mind is not the one I've known, I'm living a strange new way here, on an unknown journey! Just remind me, keep it cool with the spicy food and eat a normal amount if I want to live through this.

At least I had a little action in my life today. Today I am the phone person, as soon I get word John is out of surgery I have a whole list of people to call for them. And I will try to stay out of the spaghetti pot and eat nuts and fruits and cottage cheese and maybe, just a tiny bit of spaghetti for supper. We'll see. (ok, maybe not).
Have a good day!


Aisling said...


Thanks for the chuckle this morning. It is not at all funny that you felt poorly after your big meal, but the way you told the story was funny.

I hope today is comfortable for you, after all that. I will keep you and your stepdad in my thoughts today.

love and hugs,

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Morning, Aisling, well I had to laugh at myself and it was soooo good, but like I said, lesson learned, lol. I am usually such a slow eater and I felt myself almost shoveling it in, I ate too fast as well!
Hope you have a great day today and nice weather.
Hot here again, I'm staying INSIDE!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Oh, and Aisling thanks for the thoughts on my stepfather. I can't rest good until I hear he is ok today, and his surgery isn't until probably eleven or so.

Sage said...

Thoughts and hugs to you, your mom, and your stepfather today. Please let us know when surgery is over and he's resting comfortably.

I always over do the spaghetti and feel awful the rest of the day and night. It's always so good! But I'm with you, stick to the cottage cheese and fruit today.

The humidity broke last night, so our day should be more comfortable today. Hope your heat breaks soon.

Thoughts and prayers for all,

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks Marge,
I'll keep you updated. Glad you get some relief today with the heat.
Have a good day and thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Memaw's memories said...

It's late in the day and hopefully you have news from your step-father by now, and I hope everything went well.

I love me some sphagetti too, but if I eat late in the day, boy do I pay for it at night. I enjoy reflux sometimes, but then sometimes it's just worth it.

I hope you are having a good day, and by the way, did the baseball cap show up? That pesky Jonathan!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I just posted, Shirley, we are still waiting but he will still have it today, or at least tonight, I guess. AND NO! Jonathan is still hiding my cap, but I still am shedding a little so when the last 51 hairs I have left are gone, maybe he'll let me have it back.