Friday, August 22, 2008

Who Knew?

I've never really had strong fingernails. They'd break easy and I was never really able to grow long pretty nails. And then for some reason after my hysterectomy I grew the strongest prettiest nails you've ever seen. They had a good shape, they had white tips, they were beautiful for a few weeks and then Chemo entered my world.
Chemo can cause your nails to become brittle and to break easily so I was right back all of a sudden to normal but then I noticed those little moons you have at the beginning of your nails started turning dark. I had read where that might happen but it does go away after chemo, but here's the interesting thing I found out from the Dr. on Tuesday. It is mostly on my thumb nails but he says that for every treatment I get, I'll get another ring of darkness, like a tree has rings. You can count how many chemos I've had by the rings of darkness on my nails.
Very interesting to me. Very weird too. So there's your Chemo Trivia for the day.


TheFutureMrsClare said...

That is VERY interesting! I have never heard such a thing! How strange! I hope you are still feeling well - after that last treatment. I've been so behind on my blogging. Doesn't matter tho - all I probly would've done was bitch about something or another. LOL I'm praying for you and sending you good vibrations from Illinois. Love you!!! :)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Sara, thank you for your prayers and good vibes, I'm getting them for sure. I know you are so busy and I'm so excited for you and your wedding. Thanks for taking the time to stop by! (I was hoping you'd read the finger nail thing, I knew you'd find that interesting.)

linda said...

the fingernails tell alot about our health and in chinese medicine, those and the tongue are regularly checked for any irregularities....I guess that's what the rings and the chemo are about...your state of health is "off", shall we say? I think it could be alot worse though, so far, so good, eh? the weather doesn't sound so good and sorry you are just stuck inside while it carries on...this storm has been something, the way it just won't go away!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hey Linda, I've read about the chinese and the tongue checking. Makes since to me for sure. This weather is hanging on for sure, torndaos all around my town but so far we're safe.