Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Day Down, One to Go

I saw the Dr. first thing yesterday. He greeted me with a big smile and sat beside me on the cot and said, "Well now, you look too good for someone who has such powerful drugs pumped into her body." He's such a sweetie pie and I love him even if he does keep adding medicine to my body.

My blood count was good but I have an iron deficiency. My iron was way low and I am of course anemic so he is giving me a drip today of something to help that, also a shot, and a RX of some heavy duty iron pills.

I am feeling good today, I slept well and almost to eight o'clock which is a very good thing.

Today I don't go in until one and I have the big drug where they hook me up to a heart monitor thingie and watch me closely for any allergies as this drug tends to do that to people. I did good with it last time so I'm hoping for no problems and it will be pretty late when I get done, probably around eight tonight.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I'm scheduled for another Pet Scan (pending insurance will approve it) for next Tuesday and we'll see if any progress is being made.

Everybody loved my earrings and couldn't believe I made them.

SO that's the plan for today. Thanks a million times over for all of your

And now I'm off to fix breakfast. I am actually hungry. So I'm going to eat while I can. Nothing spicy and small portions. I understand that now.


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