Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Power that Wasn't!

Yesterday around five thirty we had a "brown out" where there was not enough power for the air conditioner, the lights went low and the TV moaned as it it were in pain. And then there was nothing. With the temperature at 100 degrees or more, it was not a good time to be without Air.

It has something to do with our Dam and all the usage of air condition.

Sweetie and I jumped in my car which was the only cool place I knew and sat there for awhile with the air on full speed and then we rode around a little and came back and sat. Finally almost two hours later, we had electricity back.

Supposively thunder showers will suround our area today bringing rain, some cool down and unfortunately heavy winds and bad lightening.

So, not sure what to expect today but less heat would be good.

I slept a lot yesterday, so was up early this morning and not feeling all that rested even with all that sleep.

It is what is is and I'll kept through it. I'm just ready to get through it!

And so the War continues but I am determined to win this battle, I'd say we're even right now, I got to get an edge on it today!

Hope you all have a good day.


Mary said...

I'm thinking of you, sugar, and hoping you have a better day. Will check back later. Stay cool any way you can.

Mary said...
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Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hey Mary, I'm ok, dealing with it for now in my own way and that's what I have to do.
Thanks again, you stay cool too!

Memaw's memories said...

I'm thinking the not getting restful sleep must have something to do with the war that is going on between the chemo and the cancer.

Just hang in there and remember you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hey Shirley, thank you so much. I am better this afternoon and it is storming. And cooler.

linda said...

I agree that the feeling of not getting restful sleep "might" be related to the war going on between the chemo and the cancer and that's a good thing...I have the same thing with my CFS and the valcyte and the doctor said it's because the body is not resting right now, it's fighting, even in hoping you are feeling better tonight and tomorrow is COOLER!

Sage said...

I'm praying that the chemo is winning this war and that you start to feel better. I wish there was something I could do for you, but I know I can't fight do need the chemo.

Sending hugs and hoping the weather cools off a bit for you. And wishing you sweet dreams tonight.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hey Linda, good to see you. I am feeling a little better and hoping for the forecasted Rain today. IT did rain in the night, so it is a little cooler this morning. ANd I slept until five thirty this morning which was better.
Take care!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Marge, if it weren't making me feel yuk I'd think it wasn't working for sure, so I do try to see it that way. It just is not easy or fun but I am getting to feeling better, slowly but surely. Thanks for coming by!