Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Solie, my hair stylist: (in a thick Filipino accent)Oh, I forget to try new cut on you, no never mind anyway, you no like it I bet.
Me: Well, I might, what new style?
Solie: No,never mind.
Me: Well, maybe I would have, next cut maybe huh?
Solie: Ok, but you no like I bet.
Me: Well, maybe I NEED a new style. I'm about to have a big birthday, time maybe for something new.
Solie: Oh? What big birthday?
Me: 50!
Solie: Ummm, 50 nothing, I'm already 100! (In reality she is probably in her 50's.) No worry, we still young chicks! Next time new style but you probably no like it.


The_Gertster said...

That is too funny!!!

Kelly Bejelly said...

Ha Ha, that is funny, it reminds me of my mom & aunties.