Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring is Cold!

Ok, so technically it is not Spring yet, this morning Winter reminded us down here in the South that he's still around. Our morning walk turned out to be a little chilly and we had to dig out our heavy sweats and socks but it was quite refreshing. The wind proved to be too much on the road but we have a nice patch of woods behind our houses and a path worn down by deer hunters and so the trees buffered the wind and we felt only the bright warm sunshine with just a tiny bit of a nip. We got our two miles in.
I go in late this morning to work and I am working for someone else tomorrow so my weekend is full of work and the Dr. is out of town so business will be slow. We hate those days. But it does give you time to get in some paperwork.
There's a little girl today who is celebrating her ninth birthday. She doesn't know me and I don't know her now but I still feel her in my heart and the warmth of her body as I held her as a baby next to my me in the warm sunshine. If circumstances had of been different I might be sharing this day with her. Instead I hope somewhere in her being she feels a tiny bit of warmth and knows there is somebody who loves her very much. Life is unfair sometimes but you got to roll with flow, huh?

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