Friday, December 26, 2008

And SO It's Over

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a nice quiet day, eating, watching movies and eating again. My good eating habits have really gone bad lately but the first of the year I plan to get back to healthier eating habits.

I am working a half day today and the crowds at Walmart will be heavy this morning as people go for the after Christmas bargains. I doubt we'll do too much business but then again you never know.

I have lots of planning and packing to do after the first of the year. I'm excited to get started with it My wish is that I'll get my mother's blessings on this move, but that is not going to happen. Sadly. But enough of that, I'm sure there will be more in the future on this subject.

Today my Granddaughter turns eight! I can hardly believe she is eight! How did that happen? The pull to her is stronger than ever. I want to be there to experience things with her, to just be there. I don't want to miss the next eight years.

Happy Birthday Haleigh, Grandma's coming!


Mary Timme said...

We had a great Christmas as I hope you did. Your move will be wonderful once it is done!

Marge said...

Oh, Robbin! I wish I could come and help you pack. You need to move closer to Haleigh! Now! Don't let anything, or anyone, stand in your way. It's time to fulfill your dreams. I'm praying for you.

We had eleven of our grandkids here yesterday, saw three others on Christmas Eve, and one lives too far away to see very often. We had uch a wonderful day, I hated for it to be over.

And I'm with you on getting back on the healthy eating! Wow, I feel like I'm flying after all the cookies and candy I ate yesterday!

Blessings on the rest of this year, and on the coming 2009!

Aisling said...

Happy Birthday to Haleigh! My youngest turns six today! :)

amy said...

Oh, that oatmeal picture!!!! I had forgotten all about that. What a mess! It feels like that was just yesterday. How did she get this old so fast?????

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thank you Mary, I had a nice Christmas for sure and you always make me feel so good about my upcoming move.
Oh Marge, I wish you could too and keep praying, this move is going to be the best thing and the hardest thing I've done in my whole life. So glad you got to be with most of your family.
Aisling, I didn't know Haleigh and your little one shared the same birthday, I'm glad they do. Hope he had a good day.
Amy, I know, can you believe how grown up she is now? Can't wait to celebrate her birthday in person.

Me Maw said...

Oh Robbin! I am sure it will mean so much to your granddaughter for you to be near her and part of her day to day life!

Circle of Life! I keep thinking of that song these days.

Happy New Year!

Rapunzel said...

Happy Birthday, Haleigh! She is absolutely adorable, Robbin!