Thursday, December 18, 2008

Froggy Again

Well, it is still foggy and warm here, I think by the weekend it is suppose to change. One of my boys, I think Jonathan used to say "froggy" instead of foggy. I'm pretty sure it was him as Matthew didn't really speak until he was nearly two and he spoke very clearly. The only thing about Matthew was he got his pronouns mixed up and instead of saying "I want milk", he would say "My want milk". Jonathan spoke early but nobody could understand what he was saying much except me and sometimes I couldn't. He couldn't say Matthew, instead he'd say Baboo, and we called Matthew that ourselves for quite sometime. Poor Matthew.

I think I have an eye infection but the good thing about that is I work with an eye dr. I'm not sure that is what it is. My eye is sore, and feels like there is something in it but I can't see anything. I'll let him check it out when I get to work.
He treats a lot of eye infections and it is amazing really that we don't get many infections ourselves, I think I've had one in all the years I've worked in this field.
Other than that I am feeling really well. I am grateful for everyday. You tend to take that for granted until you go through something rough like I did.
I think for our party I am going to make Shirley's cheese ball and some sausage balls and maybe some butter cookies. The Dr.'s wife is bringing brownies, two different kinds. Brownies are my favorite. And I've still got to come up with my own White Elephant gift. Our party is coming up fast, it is on Tuesday.
I have beautiful eyebrows but not too much on my head yet. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be bald forever. I have sprigs about an eighth of an inch. I'm trying to be patient. I read where someone used Head and Shoulders shampoo and she thought that helped so I'm using that.
Hope your day is a good one ,


Tammy said...

Head and Shoulders shampoo? Can it help Dave keep what he has?

Yay for eyebrows!



Memaw's memories said...

I know you are thankful for eyebrows. The hair will come. I think you are wanting it too badly. Ignore it and it will just show up one day.

Hope you enjoy the cheese ball.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

LOL, Tammy, who knows, worth a try, buy him some.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

You're probably right Shirley, and thanks again for the cheese ball recipe, I think we'll enjoy it for sure.