Monday, December 08, 2008

Just a bit of Boring Blogging

As predicted my day off yesterday was pretty uneventful. I watched movies and read my book and took a nap and ate. I watched Nim's Island, which was a really sweet movie and Step Brothers because I have this thing for Will Ferrell movies no matter how bad they are. He cracks me up, just looking at him makes me laugh.
Today starts a new week and it is COLD this morning but rain is coming and the next few days will be warmer, just wet I think.
And getting up and going to work is still wonderful to me. I guess when you aren't able to work it makes you really appreciate when you can. I hope the next time I'm off for any amount of time it will be to move.
I'm reading a new author, Jane Green. The book I'm reading is called Beach House. I swear I've read at least three other books called Beach House or some variation of that title. And I'm drawn to them every time. This one take place in Nantucket. It is a good read and I'm almost done with it.
And that is about all I know, my life is pretty boring at the moment, thank goodness. Hope your week is a good one.

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Me Maw said...

Boring can sometimes be such a sweet thing...Have a greaat day at work! I'll be going off to the "Coo Coo's Nest" here in a few hours!