Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cold one Day, Hot the Next

Crazy weather here. It was freezing cold yesterday, freezing cold this morning but by Christmas day it will be 70 degrees. No white Christmas here.
I close today so I don't go in until noon. But as usual I am up early and working on the pot of coffee. Today is our Christmas party at work. We call it a party but we still have to work, so we just party in between patients and we eat. This year our White Elephant gifting should be fun.
We were busy yesterday which just proves you can't predict retail sales as this week is not generally a week that we are. Glasses are not a big Christmas item but there are people who are trying to use their insurance benefits before the end of the year so that helps us. And we love Flex cards as some people have money left over and glasses are a good way to use that up. SO who knows! Today we could be slow or not. No way in knowing.
Tomorrow we are open and I am working but we are only open until three o'clock so that will be a pretty short day. I have one of our part timers working with me, and the other girls have kids or family visiting or grand kids, so I try to always give them Christmas Eve off.
And so we are almost there and I wish you all the Merriest of Christmases. And have a great day today.


linda said...

hello robbin...I have not been around much lately but am so happy to see, excepting the hair, all is very WELL with you! I wanted to wish you a very happy holiday as well as a blessed new year...hoping you get everything you ever wanted in the year to come, especially the chance to move to be closer to your family.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thank you Linda, hope you have a Merry Christmas and I love you!