Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Angel with a Turquoise Hat

Yesterday morning one of my first customers was a lovely woman who was 85 years old. She was just beautiful. She stood straight and tall with a sweet face and soft blondish hair which she told me without shame came from a bottle. It was hard to believe she was 85. She wanted to see the most fashionable glasses I had and also "Sara Palin" glasses (we get a lot of requests for these). We tried on lots of different styles before she finally chose a really pretty pair by Vogue. At one point as we stood by the frames she looked at me and touched my head covered by the head covering I was wearing and asked, with a twinkle in her bright blue eyes, "What's under that?"
I laughed and told her nothing, that I was still bald from going through Chemo. She told me her daughter had had breast cancer a few years back but that it was discovered really early and she was ok now. She then very shyly told me she'd since been crocheting hats for Cancer patients and wondered if I'd like to have one. I told her I'd love to have one. We finished her glasses purchase and she left.
Much later in the afternoon I looked up and there she stood, with a bag in her hand and her husband with her that was just as handsome as she was beautiful. I went to her and we sat down, she had brought about ten hats for me to choose from but almost immediately I saw the Turquoise one. I have hats and coverings to match almost all my clothes but I have a few things in turquoise that I've not been able to match and so I knew this was the one I wanted. In fact I hardly looked at the other ones. Her hand work was beautiful and I chose that one and gave her a hug and she says, "Now, if you really don't like it you don't have to take it."
"Are you kidding me! I love it and mostly because you made it and I will think of you every time I wear it." Her face just lit up and it was at that moment I knew she was an angel for sure. So I now own a crocheted turquoise hat that I will treasure forever.


Aisling said...

Oh sure, Robbin, make me tear up first thing in the morning! I love that story, and I love your blond angel, and I love you! Have a wonderful day.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

LOL, sorry Aisling, I love you too!

amy said...

This story warmed my heart today. I don't even know that lady, but I love her. She really must be an angel. :-)


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Amy, a sweet lady for sure.

MrsClare08 said...

Robbin, you have the best stories! And you're such a wonderful writer! You need to write a book! :) They always make me warm & fuzzy!