Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I got it all done

Ok, after working all day (and not on my job) I got it all done and have everything packed up and ready to take to work with me. I have four employees and for each of them I have a Christmas bag filled with two little loaf breads, chocolate nut and poppy seed. My mom saved Crystalite containers all year and so they each have a container of REally Good Butter cookies. And they each have a cute little gift box with two bracelets inside. I think those are pretty good presents and I hope they like them.
We drew names and I got my gal a candle set, sea breeze, and it's wrapped and put in the trunk of my car. And cooking along side of my mother.......well, that was the challenge. But I made it through and I'm glad. Oh, and we'll give our Doctor a gift card from Home Depot, he LOVES Home Depot, so there you have it!
A day's work done and I'm exhausted!

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