Wednesday, December 27, 2006

OH! My Shoulder

From time to time, and it can't be because I'm gettin OLD, I get what I suspect is bursitis in my shoulder. Today is one of those days. It started yesterday really so I tanked up on Alieve and slept with the heating pad and stuck Salonpas pads on various areas and so it is SOME better but still hurts. Usually I can get ahold of it before it puts me down. Some years ago when I first got it I didn't know what it was and so I just kept thinking I'd slept wrong and had a stiff shoulder. It about killed me and it stayed with me for weeks and weeks. (I have to be dead to go to the Doctor, but that's a whole other story). So, since then I've learned some tricks that keep it under control. But I'm glad I'm off today anyway, I'll take it easy. (Not that I wasn't going to do that anyway.)
Gerald Ford has died and that is all they are talking about. James Brown died right here over the weekend in my state, which was his state as well. Usually they die in three's. We'll see.
My son J is not communicating with me at all. A real kick in the ass since it is I who is paying for his cell phone and the who has bought the car he is riding in. It is his family, his grandparents, his brother and I who have supported him completely for the last five months, but WE are the enemy. I understand it is part of his illness but non the less hard to take, hard to swallow. It is his wife, the one who left him with nothing, not even the knowledge that she wasn't coming back to him that he has run to I suppose. They are still separated but she agrees with him as to not cause a "scene" and that doesn't help him. But I am helpless in this situation. And I don't know where it will end or what is going to happen to the child that I love with all my heart and soul.
So........we shall see. As we've seen for almost the whole 29 years of his life.

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