Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Well, here it is, the big day. I hope every little child gets lots of toys and has lots of food to eat and gets plenty of attention from their parents today. Of course not every little child will have those things today, but I still wish for it.
We celebrated last night as we have forever. My mother can't wait until Christmas morning to open presents so we do it on Christmas Eve. Even when I was little she couldn't wait so.....she'd make an excuse for us to go somewhere and when we got home........tada.....Santa would have arrived! I never ever had Christmas on Christmas That was ok by me! I made my kids wait until Christmas morning though.
We had a pleasant evening. J, my son came over and though he wanted to be smart mouthed and argumentive at first, he calmed down. My mother was in a good mood, and my step father, well he and I just go with the flow. Our times together usually are determined by My mother's mood and my son's temperament. was pretty calm. And I like calm. At this point in my life I can't handle drama!
Anyhow......we'll have lunch together today and then it will be all over. We don't usually do much for New's Year, except of course.......WE have to have Blackeyed peas and turnip greens. It's the law down here!!!!
MERRY Christmas to anyone reading and I hope Santa was good to you!

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