Friday, December 29, 2006

Tea Time

Ok, for a long, long, time I've been searching for a tea set for just me, a small teapot and matching cups. Sounds easy enough to find unless you happen to live where I live. I did look on line but they were mostly too expensive or more decorative instead of useable but finally! It was a gift set for the Holidays at Walgreens and I love it and it's green too! (My favorite color,just ask anyone!) And.... because it was part of their Chistmas stuff it was half off which made it only $4.98! And it has four matching let's have a cuppa tea, shall we??

Well!!!!! HUMPH! I wanted to show you a pic but Blogger won't let me load a picture right now...So, I will later, I promise, you've got to see it, it's sooo cute!

Oh look! I tried once more and Blogger did it! SO you can see it too! WE're having Apple Cinniman Spice Tea at the moment.

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