Monday, March 02, 2009

25 Days & Counting

The big news around here is that it snowed in Georgia yesterday. Even here we had some flurries but not enough to even take a picture of, but not so far from here there was enough to accumulate a little. Of course it melted as soon as it fell nearly but it gets us all excited nontheless.

And just look at my countdown meter! Can you believe it? WOO HOO!

Work is getting harder and harder. If we stay busy I do pretty good but when it slows down I get itchy! I want to be home packing!

This week I'm having a dumpster brought out and that will make things easier for me as I throw away stuff and I won't have to haul it off in my little car.

And so we start a new work week and it is March and time is marching on for sure. Hope you have a good day and a good week!

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MrsClare08 said...

Wow! I didn't realize you'd be moving so soon! Are you excited?? (Silly question!) I'm so happy for you! I guess we'll miss you when we come down to visit tho... :( I was hoping you'd get to meet David. I'm glad you're getting this chance tho! Change is good!!

Love you!