Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Almost There

I've got the worse behind me now and all else as far as this moving thing is downhill. I have to work today but not tomorrow and should have pretty much as much packed as I can and still live here for two more weeks.
My little Sweetie dog is a little confused and not sure what is happening. Boy she has no idea how her life is about to change. But she travels well and she'll be fine but living in town will be a different experience for her for sure.
It's a little cooler this morning here, no windows up, in fact a little heat going.
I don't have to go in until around ten this morning. And then after work I got to do a little shopping for a few things I need.
And that is about my life right now. Hoping you all have a nice weekend wherever you are and that maybe some nice weather.


Mary Timme said...

It is getting so close now. How does the job outlook appear right now? Good I hope, and if not the Lord is in control.

MeMaw said...

It's been dreary and rainy here all day, and they say it will be tomorrow too. But at least its not cold!

Sounds like everything is coming along pretty good with the move, won't be too long now!