Monday, March 16, 2009

Not So Much to Talk About

Yesterday was a rainy, lazy day. I didn't do too much, mostly watched movies and slept. I should have done lots but I have two days off this week and I don't have too much more to do anyway and still be able to live here, so I guess I needed a rest day.
And I'm moving slow this morning and it is still raining, a nice slow rain, one that maybe will soak in because we always need rain here.
Nothing much is going on, I'm just biding time here, and moving day is almost here. So I hope for you all a good week.


MeMaw said...

Been rainey here too! Sometimes it's good to be least that's what I tell myself!

The one and only REAL Meg Kelso said...

For a minute there I thought that I would have to work in the yard again, but the clouds are back!