Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dumpster Day

I'm off today and I never thought I could be so excited over the fact that a dumpster is going to be delivered today to my house. YAY! Makes things so much easier in cleaning my life out and simplifying things.
So today I'll do my best at filling that thing up. I wish they'd deliver it early but you know how that goes. Who knows when it will get here but it is coming for sure.
SO for now I'm sipping my morning coffee and planning what room I'm going to work in today. I'm taking the weekend off too so that will help out a good bit and the weather is going to be great.
Hope you have a good day.

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Marge said...

One of the wonderful things about being blogging friends is that we don't take up any space, so you won't be throwing us in the dumpster! And the other good thing is that you won't be leaving us behind.....we can go with you wherever you go! Isn't that great? Move across country and take your friends with you! Who would have thunk it?