Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is Rearing It's Pretty Head at Last

I did pretty good at work yesterday, we stayed busy and so I didn't go too nuts. And no conference call today, although we will have it tomorrow morning which is my day off, but that's ok, I'll still have all the rest of the day to work here. I need to finish up with what I'm throwing away as that dumpster is costing me each day I have it and I'd planned on keeping it only a week or ten days.

Steph's husband leaves today for a mission trip to Russia, so she will be off to see him off. He'll be gone for ten days. Steph and I were excited because our company gave 300 pair of glasses for the mission and we thought that was pretty cool and generous of them.

The weather is beautiful this week and yesterday I spotted the first Azaleas blooming on my way home. I've not been up to my Mom's lately but I bet her yard is beginning to come alive. She is pouting with me and not communicating so much and I'm very busy and haven't had time to spend much time with her, but she is busy too. Plus her negative comments about my move makes me feel bad so there you go.

My coffee is calling my name and so I'm going for a cup and then maybe get a few things done before work since I don't go in until noon.
Have a good day you all!


Mary Timme said...

Time changing is the pits. I'd much rather keep it the same. Oh, my don't I sound like an old person for that. Ah well, there you are. It usually hits me about Wednesday and I'm sort of cranky and not fit for human consumption, but after that I get all better. It is coming! The move. It will be so different it will have to be good.

The one and only REAL Meg Kelso said...

It's so pretty here that I HAD to work in the yard today! I love spring and free heat!