Sunday, March 01, 2009

Drama at the Parts Store

I am the Queen of procrastination. I admit it, I know it and I accept it. But there comes a time when you just can't put things off anymore and last night in the rainy storming night I knew it was time to stop putting off the fact that I needed new windshield wiper blades.

So after leaving work I drove to the nearest Auto Zone I could find and went in to get some. The man was super nice and even put them on for me for which I was very grateful.

While there waiting in line, there was a woman customer working with one of the parts people when her cell phone rang. Her conversation was not a quiet one, she could be heard for miles I think.

Here was the part of the conversation I heard.

"What? You want me to bring you something to eat from town when I've spent all the money I have on parts for the truck that you've still not got running? NO! There is food there, cook yourself something. There is macaroni and cheese, can goods, noodles, rice, potatoes, and in the deep freezer there is ground beef, chicken, pork chops, neckbones, stew beef, steaks, and fish! I am not bringing you anything from town when you can cook!"

I told the lady that was with her that I thought I would go eat at her house. Man!

And then she went on to say to the person on the other end of her phone, "Meat doesn't keep forever in the freezer, I'm going to have to have a meat sale in my front yard! I'm not spending money on food from McDonald's when we have all that food at home. You need to cook! I'm here trying to get the part you say I need that is going to cost me a fortune and you want me to bring you something to eat from town?? NO! Cook you and my baby some macaroni and cheese, you can at least do that much!"

Alrighty then.

And me, well I have nice new windshield wipers that I should have gotten months ago. And I came home and cooked. I was going to stop and get something from town but somehow the appeal of doing that left me.

And how was your day?


Mary Timme said...

I love it. Good for that woman. Geez! Some people are so lazy!

Brandi said...

yeah, I suddenly feel motivated to cook too.

awesome post!! LOL

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Mary and Brandi, too funny it was for sure. She told him off!