Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Moving Jitters

Conference call this morning is over and it was pretty short compared to some. And for that I am glad. Our store is doing good at the moment so my boss recognized that and announced to the other managers that this is my last month and that I am going out in style. One of the managers said, "We should all get together and have a party!" And my boss said, "Well, we'll have to do it over the phone." LOL. Miss out on the party food that way but anyway.
And speaking of work.........how am I ever going to get through the next three weeks? It is so hard. Hard to concentrate, hard to be there. Just plain HARD. But I must do what I must do. And the reward at the end of the road will be worth it.
And I am so anxious with a nervous stomach. Nervous that something is going to happen at the last minute to screw up my plans. Nervous that I'm going to forget to do something I'm suppose to do. Dreading saying goodbye to my mother, my co-workers, my job, everything I know that is familiar to me. Scared and excited at the same time. I'm a mess really, just ask the girls at work, lol.
I try to concentrate on the actual trip Matthew and I will get to do together. I am thinking of that little girl jumping in my arms. I am thinking of my French Doors, and I am thinking of a brand new life in a beautiful place with people I love and that love me back unconditionally.
But for now I am a wreck!

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Memaw's memories said...

I think part of the aging process is that we don't adapt like we did as kids. Least I don't seem to.

Any time I plan to make any kind of change or go anywhere, I have the same apprehensions you are having.

Might also be a touch of anxiety.

My theory in my old age is to go take a xanax, and forget about it.

I can't even imagine the fun you will have on the trip with your son. That precious time together is worth all the rest.