Sunday, September 12, 2010

Her Weirdness

   Yesterday was exhausting for me.  Haleigh came around lunch and around two o'clock after asking if she could paint my nails and I said no, she suddenly became unhappy here and decided she wanted to go home.  Alrighty then.  Her father was working and her mother was getting ready to go to rehearsal for a show she is in  so it really wasn't that good of timing.  After calling her mom, she left.  Hardly said goodbye to me.  I was a little stunned.
   Oddly enough I could also relate.  I was like that as a child.  While her mom thinks she is spoiled and just wants her way, I think sometimes she is just a little weird like I was.  And still can be.  It makes for a hard life at times and most of the time I am a people pleaser which is just as bad but I too can just decide I want to do something, whether it makes any since to anyone else or not.  And I can't explain it.
   A few hours later she called me and asked if she could come back.  I reminded her that nothing would be different and she might be bored or not want to be here again and she assured me she had just been tired and she'd be happy.  I think she had it in her head that we were going out to eat and to a movie and after I'd told her we weren't she was just disappointed.  Who knows but anyway, she came back, was as content as could be, we had supper, watched a movie and she went to sleep and is still snoozing right now, in  her room, on the carpeted floor(I don't have a bed in there yet) with her comforter.   OH, we did have to drive over to her house to get a few stuffed animals last night that she decided she had to have even though she'd brought one with her.  And there was a little discussion over where she'd sleep.  She used to beg to sleep with me when I was living with her but over here she refused to and after being told she couldn't sleep on the couch since I was staying up later than her, she decided to sleep in her room on the floor.
   So......I'm not sure what that was all about and I'm not going to try and figure it out.  I just know she gets her weirdness honestly.

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