Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just a Lazy Saturday

  Today is just a lazy Saturday for me.  I needed that.  Haleigh is here and spending the night.  She is satisfied right now watching the Disney Channel and playing on her DS.  That is good for although I love her company I'm not much for entertaining her today.  I'm hoping she'll learn that sometimes just being together is all there is and that she doesn't have to be entertained all the time.  As she is getting older she is figuring that out. 
   Next week the manager of the store where I work is coming back to work from maternity leave.  I'm not sure what is going to happen to me.  I was hoping maybe to work in another store a little closer but instead she told the other girl that I'm staying and our hours will be cut.  The district manager that hired me is coming Thursday and wants all three of us there so I'm a little nervous.  When she hired me she talked like she could work me in between the stores to have good hours until I ended up maybe with my own store again.  I know I've got to wait and prove myself to them but I am hoping my hours won't be cut too badly.  At any rate, I'm not going to waste much time worrying about it.  I just know that I'll be fine.
   I live right by the park and this morning there was some sort of ceremony for nine eleven and about two hundred motorcycles rode by here.  It drove Sweetie nuts.  She's been jumpy all day but I had a good time watching them. 
   I had planned to make pancakes and sausage for Haleigh and me breakfast and thought she'd be excited about that but she informed me she had pancakes this morning at her house.  Oh well, you win some and you lose some.  Maybe we'll just have cinnamon toast instead.  She loves that.
   So, that's about all I know today.


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Marge said...

We are having a lovely fall day. My favorite season of the year is beginning very well. And our trip starting next Saturday is at the height of the colors up north so I can't wait! But I will take time to think of you and pray for you and your job situation. I've just got a feeling that it will work out just fine!