Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Monday Once Again

  Well, the weeks just roll by don't they?  This week I will find out if I stay where I'm at in the store I work in now or maybe get to work part-time there and part-time in another store.  I've no idea what will happen, we shall see.
   The little girl I've worked with these last few weeks made me feel so good the other day.  She is only 21 and has worked with the company for a year.  She never once resented me being there and as she helped me learn the things that had changed since I'd been gone I taught her things she'd not known.  So she tells me the other day that she's so glad I came there and that she's learned so much from me.  I know from experience it could have gone a very different way but she is a good girl and I've enjoyed working with her too.
   Every Monday I talk to my mom.  She is fine.  I mostly just listen. 
  Haleigh woke up, we had our pancakes which she made and sausages and then she was ready to go home.  She did come back over in the afternoon to get her left over macaroni and cheese and got mad with me because I wouldn't drive her back home.  MAN...........was she in a mood!  And she's not even a teenager yet.  I'm scared!
   SO, my weekend was interesting and it went way too fast but I'm ready to go back to work. 
Hope your week is a good one.

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