Friday, September 24, 2010

A Little Tired but Happy

  Working in Renton is a little more stressful which makes me appreciate that I started off again in a slow paced store like Lacey.  I wouldn't have been ready for Renton then.  But I am now.  The people are so diverse and that's the fun part. It is rare for a patient not to have insurance so I'm having to get used to that.  We have a lot of Boeing employees, there are high income people and low income, there is a bit of it all. 
   Traffic for the last few days has been a little rough coming home but not too bad.  For the first two days I missed my exit or made a wrong one coming home but finally I got it!  All in all, I think I'll be happy here until I'm moved again.
  I'm tired and still have two more days to go before I'm off for two days in a row so that will be nice.

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