Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, Come ON!

  I've overheard different people say things lately about doing something or finishing something "before the rainy season starts."  I'm kind of looking forward to the rainy season for although I love the sunshine and beautiful cloudless days, I love rain.  I've always loved rain and even day after day of it never bothers me much.  I'm not crazy about having to drive in it but other than that, come on rain.  As a matter of fact, it is raining today.  A soft rain.
   I'm off today, the schedule is strange this last week at the Lacey store.  I go in at two in the afternoon for the next few days and then I work by myself on Saturday which will be my last day.
   Renton is about 13 miles out of Seattle.  This is where my new store will be.  One thing of interest I read was that Jimi Hendrix is buried in a cemetary there.  That's cool.  Ann Rule, the crime novelist lives there. 
  I am going to miss my co-worker Shayna.  Although she is 21 years old and I'm ahemah 50thish........we hit it off really good and for that I'm glad. 
  Oh, I got to take Haleigh to school this morning as her parents both had to be at work earlier than usual.  That was cool.  I'd never done that before.
   Ok, I'm off for a nap, on this cool rainy day it seems to be the thing to do.

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