Wednesday, September 08, 2010


  My little Sweetie dog is usually a very adaptable little soul but she has yet to settle down in our new home.  She constantly stares at me with that "I need to go out look" and has me so confused to whether she really needs to go out or she is just asking when we are going back home.  It took her a little while too I think to settle into Matthew's house I'm thinking.   I'm sure she'll settle down soon.  I hope.
   Well, I'm off today and so far no Land Lady but it has been sort of rainy all morning although it is clearing a little now.  She'll probably show up soon.  Haleigh is coming over after school as her mom has a dentist appointment.  I'm excited about that and have some snacks I know she'll like and some chocolate milk just for her.  She thinks the chocolate milk at my house is the best in the land but I remember anything I ate or drank at my Grandma's house was always wonderful.  It makes me happy that she thinks the same.
  SO, the Direct TV man will be here soon and then I can watch TV again.  Or at least have it on. 
I still have some things to find a place for so I'm working a little on that today.  
    And someone I know and love is having a baby today in Illinois and I'm checking facebook every few minutes for updates.  I'm so happy for her.
  So that is my news for now.

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