Monday, September 06, 2010

My Baby is'd that happen?

Matthew is celebrating his 31st birthday today.  I can't believe he is that old.  TO me he is still a teenager.  A teenager with a pretty dangerous job, but still.
   They have plans tonight so Amy, Haleigh and I celebrated his birthday with him last night.  He grilled yummy steaks on the grill and I had a T-bone which is mine and his favorite.  Amy made twiced baked potatoes and we had a salad.  Because he is so hard to buy for I gave him money which he seemed to be proud of.  He said it would buy him a hunting license which he is pretty excited about.

  Amy got him a football game for the Wii which he liked also.  Instead of a cake he asked his wife for a homemade apple pie.  She had only made one once before, you can read all about it here.

  SO this time it was just as yummy.  We know now that one time wasn't a fluke, she can make a mean apple pie and a wonderful crust.  The only time or two I ever tried my crust was tough!  It is not easy.

  I'm working again today but the good thing is I get to close at three.  IT is nearly 12 now, oh, only 11:30 but getting close.  I'm hoping the traffic will not be bad yet and I can get home faster.
  I've still got to find me a kitchen table so I can have my family over to eat. 
      It is a rainy cloudy day today but that's ok, I like rainy cloudy days.
I just wish I'd have a CUSTOMER!

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