Sunday, September 05, 2010

Just this and that

  My internal alarm clock seems to be set at six thirty or maybe it's Sweetie's as most of the time I wake up with her breathing over me telling me she needs to go out...........NOW!
   I've been so busy, working and moving at the same time that it would have been nice to sleep in a little this morning since I don't go into work until noon or at least I don't leave until around ten thirty.  But no, here I am, wide awake, sipping coffee and putting a load of laundry in.
   I was off on Friday and the land lady spent all day over here doing work on the outside.  She does all the landscaping and the yard work, and that is fine by me!  And Friday was also the first day that Haleigh came over to visit.  It was so nice to have her visit and then we went over to her house and had burgers on the grill! 
   So, things are still everywhere but I've spent the night over here four nights and I've slept like a baby every night.  The neighborhood is quite, at least I never hear anything.
    Monday is Matthew's birthday but I think we are having his birthday supper tonight.  I think they must have plans else where on Monday night. 
  This little house is so full of light!  I like that.  I hung a few pictures last night, and we still have got to get my dresser and the cedar chest over here.  And then I'll be really moved.

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