Friday, September 17, 2010

Work on the Brain

Last night's drive home was long and hard. It rained the whole way but most everyone was driving carefully around me and it is always the other person we worry about right?
I have two more days to work in the Lacey store today. No Dr. today and the manager is working but she will probably leave soon after I get there and I'll be on my own and I do work alone tomorrow. I'm hoping to make a trip Sunday to my new store just to make sure I know how to get there. It is about the same distance that I'm driving now and part of the way is the same way I go now but the route changes about half way.
It looks like I won't get a full 40 hours each week, somewhere between 35 and 37 but I do have the potential to make a bigger commission since it is a busier store and that helps a lot.  I made over 200 dollars this past month in the store I'm at now and so that helps a  lot.
   I've made some special friends in the Lacey store customer wise.  I've not told them I'm leaving and they'll probably ask what happened to me.  The manager told me I wouldn't like the customers in Renton as they were all punks.  I told her I liked punks too.  She is still mad I'm leaving and has said all kind of negative things to me in kind of a tongue in cheek way. 
  The Dr. told me last night he hated to see me go as he thought I was a good influence on the girls there and that the customers liked me.  I told him I would miss him and had enjoyed working with him.  I hope my new store likes me as well.
And speaking of work, this is my new walk way my landlady made.  I love it.

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