Sunday, September 05, 2010

When you Actually Have to Work on Labor Day...... it "unlabor day?"
The only thing worse perhaps than working in an Optical Shop on Labor Day is working the Sunday before Labor Day.  NObody is interested in glasses today.  They are out there in the big store buying charcoal and beer and meat and hotdogs and buns, and well you get the picture.  I am bored out of my mind.  I brought my lap top with me as I was thinking it would be like this and it is!

Right in front of our store is always a display of some sort.  I think it is stuff they are trying to get rid of, but usually it is odd things that is fun to watch the customers stop to look at and discuss or maybe even put in their buggies to purchase.  Last week it was Pink Flamingo Yard art.  Yes, that's right, for only $9 .99 you could be the owner of two Pepto Bismol  colored plastic birds, complete with metal rods up through them  so that they can stand erect and look so real in your yard.  One of the workers out there told us he wanted to buy a set and sneak them in his neighbor's yard during the night!  That would be pretty funny.
   Today there is a display of Campfire Marshmallows.  That seems pretty blah except they are twice the size of regular marshmallows.  They are HUGE!     Everyone who goes by has to stop and pick up a bag.  I overheard one lady telling her friend that her husband loved marshmallows but he liked them to set out and get really stale and crunchy and then he ate them!  Alrighty then.
   So, when you're bored and not selling glasses, watching & listening to people discuss the current displays is quite entertaining.

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