Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The New Store

  I'm off today and I've worked in the new store for two days and I like it.  The customers are very different, kind of yuppish, professions, in a hurry, that type.  Sprinkled in though are people of all nationalities and walks of life.  It is going to be quite interesting.  My manager is cool, and my co-workers seem nice.  So all is well with that part.
   Anyone who really knows me well knows of my disability of having no sense of direction.  So, though for two days I've arrived there with no problem, coming home I've screwed up both times.  I'm hoping by Thursday I can drive straight home without taking a wrong exit.
  Today I'm ready for a day off.  The new store has put a little stress on me that I hope I'll get over.  I've had to learn where everything is and how this manager expects things.  Her ways are a  lot different from the way I did things and the way things were done in Lacey but I'll get it. 
   I'm up early and have had some eggs and toast and am about to take Sweetie to the park for her walk.  After that I'm just going to do a few chores around here and then not so much.

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