Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday that seems like Monday

  I have to work today and then I'm off tomorrow and I'm ready to be off.  After working the last three days by myself and with it being very slow, it tired me out.  I'd love to stay home today but then I remind myself I'm so thankful to have a job that I will not complain at all!
   Tomorrow the Direct TV man comes and I'm glad.  I've grown so used to having a TV around if only for the sounds that come from it.  I've had some movies to watch but it will be nice to have the TV back.
   The Land Lady is planning on being here again tomorrow to work in the yard.  This is the second time she has planned to come when I'm am off, although she doesn't plan it that way.  It cramps my style a little bit as last time she painted the porches and I was kind of stuck inside.  Well there is a side door I could go out but she had her stuff all over, it was just weird.  So I thought maybe this time I'd have a day off on my own but no, she is coming to work on the yard again.  And I suspect to make sure the Direct TV man doesn't drill any holes where she doesn't want them.
   Well, I'm all ready and got my lunch packed and I guess I better start my journey to work.  At least I missed the early morning traffic so it shouldn't be so bad.  Hoping you have a wonderful day!

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Marge said...

I think your land lady wants you to know that she is taking good care of you and her property, so she comes when you are home! Interesting!

Hope your day went well, and that you'll have a wonderful day off tomorrow, land lady or not!

Blessings to you.........