Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Me Thinking Out Loud

I've read with interest lately of how families are combining households now more than ever because of the economy. And of course because that is exactly what I am about to do. Most of the stories are about the grown kids coming back home but there are cases like mine where the parent goes to live with the kids.
This is not going to be a forever thing for me but it just seems right for now. Our family needs some healing time and some together time. But I am a very private person and independent so although we hope to live always near each other to be fair to them and me, I plan to have my own place one day. In the meantime it is Haleigh and me who will benefit the most I think. She and I need each other. She's never had a family member live so close to her other than her mom and dad so that in itself is a good thing.
The people who are most negative about this situation don't know or understand the connection we have. I love my daughter in law as much as if she was my own daughter. I am not a meddling person and she knows this. She and I can be honest with each other and we share most of the same morals and beliefs. And I know she welcomes me into her home with as much joy and acceptance as does my son.
And right now I need to feel needed and so helping take care of a family fits the bill. My cooking skills are rusty so they'll have to get through that with me and Amy is a much better cook than me anyway but I am kind of excited about cooking again as I don't do that for myself much any more.
Having a built in baby sitter will be great for them and when I'm with Haleigh it is not like baby sitting, it is being with someone I really and truly enjoy being with, as she is eight going on thirty. SO that is a win win situation.
And I am grateful for this wonderful son of mine and his wife and daughter. How lucky am I? Now if time would just move a little faster!


Mary Timme said...

Isn't this just a tailor made situation for you for awhile! Wow! Talk about being blessed!

Marge said...

It will be wonderful for you to live with them while you all continue to heal. And I'm all for opening your home to family. We took hubby's parents in and gave them the largest bedroom, the master bedroom. We took a little one that a kid had moved out of. His mom stayed 18 months, until she died, but his dad was with us for eight years. Yes, there were times of trials, and resentments but I would do it again in a minute. We were prepared to take my mom in last winter, but the brain cancer moved on too fast and she needed more medical care than we could provide.

You are now healthy again, and you and your Haleigh are going to have a ball! I just know that none of you will ever regret this decision to live together for awhile. You are so lucky! And I'll pray that time goes faster so you can get out there quickly!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Mary and Marge, I am so blessed. And so very thankful and so VERY excited!