Thursday, February 19, 2009

This, That, & Some Other Stuff

It's always amazing, isn't it, when there is a stormy night and then the next morning is filled with sunshine and the only evidence that a storm occurred is a wet ground and in our case limbs everywhere? Here we were spared the really bad weather as there were some tornadoes that touched town in surrounding counties. I heard the wind roaring and thunder in the distance all night but finally was lulled to sleep by the sound and then this morning it is as if it never happened.

Yesterday I was off and spent the morning up at my mom's doing her taxes. She's still talking of the nursing home and such but I just answered her questions and listened to her tell me how she hoped I know what I'm doing and then she says, "I wonder how much H & R block will charge me to do my taxes next year. " Oh brother. If it weren't so sad, it would really be quite comical. It's ok, I can handle it. I think maybe yesterday she got the chance to say all she wanted to, and so that is that. We'll see.

I am taking a personal day Saturday so I'll have two days off in a row to do some more packing, didn't get much done yesterday. I couldn't put that book down until I finished it and now I do not need to get into another book for awhile.

And I am really close to going hatless. Before I do however I need to let someone trim me up a little, I am a little shaggy, hair growing down my neck and it just needs some sort of shape and then I think I will be ok with it. Still looks like a man's haircut but it is kind of cute. I'm so happy to have hair and not have that cancer patient look tagged to me.

Hope your Thursday is a good one, I'm off to get ready for work.

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Tammy said...

I was worried when I saw the weather. I'm glad you let your mom have at it. You are terrific!

Soon your hair will look like mine. Twins! Loreal 6RB and you're there. lol

Have a good day! XXOO