Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Of Biscuits, A Day Off, & Some Deep Thoughts

I've bought the most terrible bag of frozen biscuits. It all started because of a jar of wonderful honey a dear friend sent me. I decided I wanted hot biscuits to eat with it, and since I can't for the life of me make biscuits I bought a bag. The first ones I tried to cook were burned on the outside and raw in the middle. I figured it was just me, I must have the oven too hot or something. So this morning I checked the temp and time suggested on the package and still the same thing. Ticks me off! I've bought some before that did great and were good. Not these.
I am off today and it is cold outside. In the low twenties with wind chills down in the teens. Glad I'm not getting out.
Check out my really cool bookshelf. I saw that Debra over at It Came to Pass had it on her blog and knew I had to have it. I like it. I've been in the reading mode for the last few weeks. I am glad because there for a while I thought I'd lost that love. My world is so topsy turvey at the moment. I've worried about losing my passions in life. Nothing seems to knock my socks off anymore. Is that what happens as you age? I'm feeling about 100 years old lately. Do things stop amazing you? Do you not experience things, simple things, that used to make you stand in awe? Or is it just me? Have I numbed myself so much to keep from hurting that I don't feel the awesome stuff too? These are the questions I ponder as of late.
I'm putting all my eggs in one basket here. I'm hoping my move and being with my kids will bring me back to life. Right now I'm just going through the motions of life. Right now I'm a ghost just being where I'm suppose to be when I'm suppose to be, like an outsider looking in. Not a participate.


Memaw's memories said...

I try to keep the pilsbury biscuits. I've made biscuits for years, but I can pop a couple of these in the toaster oven and have what I need.

If you make them, you have a whole batch, and they just aren't as good warmed over.

Tammy said...

I have been feeling just like this. It's like I've checked out of life and I stare at TV. I'll be back I'm just not sure what will do it. New drug? EMG? Surgery? Hormones? They are ganging up on me. lol

Great book choices!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Shirley, must be Pillsbury I'd bought before, these are a no brand name, learned my lesson!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Tammy, you'll be back for sure, you just got a lot going on right now. Hang in there, and I love ya!

Me Maw said...

There are some kind we get from Walmart that are delicious but for the life of me I can't remember the name. I'll ask my daughter she will probably know.

There must be something about that middle age marker...I have felt some of the same it's January, well February now, everything seems cold, gray, bleak, but seasons change...right? Weather seasons and life seasons. I have to believe that.

Love your bookshelf, enjoy seeing what others read, you have a few I might like to read.


The_Gertster said...

Love your bookshelf,,,,How COOL!!!

All I know to say is try and focus on your move,,,,That should be exciting for you?? A new start? Being closer to Matthew and Haleigh and Amy!!! New Faces, New Places....Anyway, you know that I love ya! Wish we could have lunch or go to a movie sometime,,,,,,,,,,You need to do something other than going to work or going home,,,,,,,