Friday, February 06, 2009

May I Help You or Would You Rather Snap My Head Off?

Yesterday was not at all what we expected at work. It was in fact a day of chaos and confusion. Maybe the cold weather had people in a bad mood, and even though they weren't just plain ugly, they weren't over friendly. It was one of those days where you'd ask them their names and they'd mumble something which meant I had to ask again which seemed to aggravate them. Sorry.

It was a day where people were super sensitive, where one girl got her feeling hurt because we were trying to find out if she was going to be able to use her insurance and when my associate told her a few times that she was not eligible, she said, "I wish she'd quit saying that!" She was almost in tears, not because of her insurance but because she didn't like being called "not eligible." It was a day where we couldn't win for losing.

People came dragging in late and got mad if you hinted the Dr. might not be able to see them. I jokingly told one such person that she could go talk to the Dr. and beg him, and I was only kidding but she informed me right away that she wouldn't be "begging" anyone. Whatever. I just finally learned to keep my mouth shut. This wasn't a day to joke with people.

And so today off I go to combat. Who knows what this day will bring but I know one thing, I have never been more tired of working retail than ever in my life. We are people too, not just robots who work in a store. We have feelings, we are human, we are just trying to make a living.

So, we'll see what today holds. You just never know.


Marge said...


I've not been online for a few days, so I just now caught up on your posts and had to comment on something you said the other day. You said you felt like you were just going through the motions of life. Me too. I can't focus on anything, nothing seems to matter much.

So, we need to boost each other up! We've going through a rough year, deaths of loved ones, your cancer.....and I think things are just catching up with us. I wonder if it's not just a part of our grieving?

And now, you're looking forward to heading up to your son and grand daughter, and I'm looking forward to heading home from Florida to see my grandkids. Hopefully that will help us!

Didn't mean to write a whole letter, but wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and you are in my prayers and in my heart.

Hugs and love,

Mary Timme said...

I hope today is better. It was such a lovely weather day here that we all were sort of friendly, and today is much the same until you go out in the wind. My DH and I both hate the wind! We grew up in Nebraska! And yesterday we had a 2 hour appointment with an Ophthalmologist for on coming cataract removal down town, where I hate driving an my sweetie can't any more. So, it was nice to have good weather. Our snowiest month is coming next month! That's when the driving may be even more, uh, er, fun?