Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Again

Ok, it is Conference Call day and I'm going to try and be a good girl and get my blogging over with before I'm on it instead of doing it while I'm on it.
Today is my first three month check up after finishing chemo. Since the rest of these check ups will have to be done in Washington, I'm going to ask for my medical records. This is the Dr. I really like, it was the radiologist that sort of gave me the creeps, so I'm glad I'm seeing him and not the other one. So, anyway, I have my call, the Dr.'s appointment and then on to work. It is my night to close so I don't get off until eight tonight. A busy day.
So, that's about all I know this morning. We are still hopping at work, had another big day yesterday and that's good if it doesn't kill all of us. I need about three other employees this time of the year.
Hope your Tuesday is a good one.

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Tammy said...

I had to tell you I was stuck home alone in a snow storm with no power. I dropped and broke my only flashlight. Crawled under the covers until Dave got home. LOL