Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Shh! Don't tell anyone but I'm blogging while on conference call. You can do that when you put the phone on speaker and mute it. Of course if she calls on me for something, I've got to unmute fast and answer but right now she is going through numbers and that takes awhile with 15 stores.
Our weather is beautiful, still a little cool at nights, but in the seventies for the days. Plenty of sunshine. It feels good.
Things are still hopping at work, we are busy, busy. We are taking advantage of it while it is happening because it will stop for sure. People have income tax money. That money will end and then we'll be back to people really being careful of how they spend.
I'll be out of there by then, and I won't miss the pressure for sure. I still have some nerve damage from the chemo in my feet and staying on them all day and running around causes them to feel like ground beef at the end of the day and I won't miss that either. Of course my son is going to have me climbing mountains or such and I better get tough!
Anyway, I'd better get back to my conference call. Hope for all of you a good day.


Me Maw said...

Girl don't you know you can get into trouble blogging while performing job duties! Ha!

And I want to see a picture when you start mountain climbing!

Thanks for the early am birthday wish!

Tammy said...

Climbing mountains?????? Too cute!