Monday, February 23, 2009

To Be Hatless or Not

I'm thinking very seriously this morning of going hatless. I do still need to have a beautician trim me up a bit and I was going to do that first but the hat is starting to get bothersome and my mother hates it and is on a campaign for me to stop wearing it because after all, as she puts it, I do have hair!
She fusses at me about it every time she sees me and then the other day she complained to Steph about it who told her I'd do it when I was ready but I wasn't ready yet. In a way it's like a security blanket for me, who knows! SO we'll see. People had plenty to say about my hats from "your hat is cute" to "why are you wearing that rag on your head?" So I can't imagine how they'll react to a very, very, short hair do. On second thought, I think I'll wear my hat today, lol.
Anyway, I had a pretty good weekend and got some things done although that nastly virus took away some of my time. I'm glad it didn't last long though.
I'm thinking this week my boss will make some decisions about the store, she is for sure going to promote Steph, even though she's not made it official and I'm hoping she will promote within for the assistant manager, we'll see. Whatever, it is time to decide so they can move forward. Because I'm leaving you know!
So, as a new week starts I hope for you a good one. Spring is nearing and I think almost everyone is ready for that. I sure am.


MeMaw said...

Robbin, I had went from the hats & wigs, to a little small hair piece that sit on top of my head giving the illusion my hair was swept up in a bun.(Oh! It was lovely! NOT!

I remember specifically the last day I wore that little bun on top my head. We had went to Gulf Shores, Al for the week-end and I had grew tired of wearing it, and had threw it on the dash board of the car.

I was getting out of the car, when a huge wind swept through, blowing my hair piece off the dash, out of the car, and down the street! LOL!

That was my sign...I was done with hats, wigs and hair pieces.

You'll know when you are ready!

Blessings to ya!

Tammy said...

Hi Robbin, I'm sorry that nasty bug bit you on your weekend off. Take the hat off when you're ready and not a minute sooner.

Very rainy here but I enjoyed going to see The Reader. We cleaned early Sunday so we could pig out on Oscar snacks and enjoy the show.

Grand Canyon, Oh yeah!

Love you!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Debra, thanks for sharing that, I laughed out loud. I think you had some devine intervention going on there! I went hatless today and nobody stared, just one old man hurt my feelings but I just laughed it off.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Tammy, sounds like you had a good weekend. I went hatless today, it was the day!