Saturday, May 19, 2007

Computer Central

Here's what it's like at my house lately. I have a desk top computer that has a problem that I've not been able to solve lately. This happened soon after my son arrived. This caused me a little grief in that we "shared" my laptop. I DO NOT like sharing my laptop. (I'm an only child, I'm not that good at sharing anyway). A friend of mine had an IBM Notebook that he was pretty sure had died but he sent it to me just in case I could get it up and running. Well......I did. So now, HE has his own laptop, to screw up, load up, change settings to his heart's desire. We still have to share a phone line but that's no problem. So, here we sit tonight, me in the recliner with my laptop, he on the couch with his laptop and the desktop still waiting to be brought back to life. If I can get that one running, we'll be set with computers!

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