Friday, May 25, 2007

It's a holiday weekend for some folks, for me not so much although I do have Sunday and Monday off. So I have half a holiday weekend off.
Business is slow for a number of reasons, gas prices, summer coming, nobody much interested in buying glasses right now. But....we still have to try as best we can and so we do.
All the morning shows this morning have segments on the "best" Memorial day recipes. My parents are at KOA this weekend camping with friends. Kids are graduating from High school so there are cars all around town with "Class of 2007" written all over them. The interstate will be so crowded going to Florida that at times it will come to a standstill. Families are visiting family. The smell of charcoal will be in the air. All is pretty normal for this Memorial Day weekend.
Hope you have a good and safe one!

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