Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello Fall!

I began this journey back in the Spring. I had no idea when I went for a hysterectomy what was ahead of me. If I'd known, maybe I would have ran and hid under the covers. But life has to be faced, you can't hide.
And now, after the long hot summer, Fall has arrived. It is my favorite season. I hope it will bring some calmness and better times but if it doesn't I know I am strong and can face what there is to come. You learn these things when you go through two of the worse days of your life. First when they tell you that you have Cancer, and then, a month later, they tell you your son is not alive anymore.
You learn a lot about yourself.
The fatigue has gotten inside my body and taken a toll on me in the last few days. There is no way to describe it, you have to kind of experience it, which I hope anyone reading this, never has to.
And this is the time, as I've mentioned recently, that for some reason in between treatments, it works on my emotions. So, I have to constantly remind myself that this will not last forever.
Today starts a new season, and it would be nice if it would be a really good season for me. Since it is my favorite season of all, that would be great.
Hoping a good week for you all.

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