Tuesday, September 30, 2008

JUST me Rambling

I've not seen Steph, my best friend in quite some time and she is going to come sit with me either today or tomorrow for a little while during my treatment. I'm excited to see her, she has been busy running our little store, going to Illinois for her sister's wedding, and her regular stuff that keeps her busy with a husband and a child. That child I miss too. You can see her here,on her Mama's blog. She is my namesake and I was there when she came into the world and I miss spending time with her and hearing about the second grade, and hearing her giggle. And I miss her Mama too, but I've been busy fighting this battle and my world has narrowed down to pretty much just that. So....I'm excited to get to spend some time with her, even if it is while I'm hooked up to Mr. Chemo pump.

I feel like the secret to this Chemo deal is, the stronger you are when you have your treatment, the easier the side effects will be. I feel pretty dang strong today, so we'll test my theory.

Our weather has turned HOT again but the weather man promises today is the last day and back to cooler weather tomorrow, and that's fine with me.

Yesterday I lost most of my lower lashes on just one eye. I think I really look strange now. I still have brows, sort of, and top lashes, sort of.

Ok, well, I'm Chatty Cathy this morning, but that's my report. I go to the Cancer Center around 10:45 this morning and will be there pretty much all day. I see my Doctor, they'll check out this life port that caused me so much trouble last time (trip to the hospital) and then I'll start treatment, so it will be a long day.
Hoping your day is a good one.


Sage said...

Good morning Chatty Cathy!

I pray that the issues with your life port are resolved and that chemo can go on as scheduled. I pray that time flies by quickly and that you'll be done with the treatment before you know it. I pray God gives you strength to continue on through this journey that He has chosen to send you on. And I pray your friend will be able to spend a lot of time with you and that you will have a wonderful time together.

And I'll check in on you whenever I get a wireless signal.


turquoise cro said...

I'm SooOOOo GLAD to hear Steph is going to be there with YOU! Best friends are our angels! I clicked over and saw your namesake,Robbin! She's a cutie!!!Thinking of YOU and in my prayers, Cinda ps. I HOPE your strong theory is TRUE too!

The_Gertster said...

That was Sweet about me and Robbin,,,,Thank You!!! I Love you Too! and I have missed you like CRAZY!! I am ready for all this to be OVER and we can do "BEST FRIEND-stuff" again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Marge, I hope you have a good time and thank you for all your hopes and prayers for me.

AH, Cinda, I was feeling weird calling you Turquoise so now I know your name! Thanks for coming by and yep, we'll see if my theory works.

And hey Steph, I love you too and can't wait to see you for sure.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...
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