Sunday, September 28, 2008

Up With the Chickens

Ok, actually, I'm up before the chickens, on this Sunday morning. But I go to bed pretty early, I just am worn out by eight thirty or nine o'clock and then I wake up really early and I'm done sleeping. So is the case this morning.

I had supper with my parents last night. My appetite is off and my mother is on a mission to find something that I will eat. We had sloppy joes because I'd mentioned that sounded good to me and because she found a pretty "healthy" recipe for such a dish. And so I had a sloppy joe and it was good to me. I was afraid she'd make them too spicy but she didn't.
She and my stepfather also went to a nearby town to a flea market and they stopped at a produce stand and brought me some fresh fruit and a spaghetti squash
Somehow I missed that Paul Newman had died. I read it on Amy's blog yesterday. You remember Amy? My daughter in law who never blogs much anymore??? Anyway, I really hated he died but he did a lot of good with his good fortune in life and he lived a long life but we still don't want to let go of those icons, do we? I know a lady who met him once and she was so disappointed because she says he was short. She'd imagined him to be tall. I read where he was 5'9" but I guess she had him imagined to be over 6 foot, he was after all, Paul Newman. She was not however disappointed with his eyes, she says they were beautiful.

I'm planning on taking it easy today, and I may work on my bracelets. I have a couple of movies to watch. Next week will be a busy one for me. Monday I go see the coumadin people. Tuesday and Wednesday I have my fifth treatment. And Thursday I have to go back and get the super dooper cell building shot. So I'm resting up.
The weather is so beautiful, I'm loving it.
And that's about it for now in my life.
Hoping for you a wonderful, peaceful, Sunday.
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Me Maw said...

I too found out about Paul Newman by reading the blogs. So sad. I really enjoyed his movies and seemed like such a nice guy. We will miss him. I don't think they make talent like that much anymore.

Will be praying your week goes well!

linda said...

Isn't it sad about Paul Newman...I guess I didn't realize he was in his 80's as he kept right on looking so handsome....I feel so sad for his wife and family but he had a good and productive life, did much for the many charities he started and maintained his reputation and his marriage, something that must be really difficult in his line of work!

Am very happy to hear you are eating something, even if it's sloppy joes :) Just keep stuffing it in! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, lighting my candles, I have a soothing new one I think I will make just for you!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Meemaw, I think he was a good man too and one of the last ones in Hollywood perhaps, which is a shame. Nobody I know can fit his shoes anyway.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Linda, his wife, Joanne Woodward was origionally from Georgia, Thomasville, I think, so people down here claim her as their own. AND, oh my goodness, such a handsome man for sure.
I would love the candle, thank you so much, I will need it to face this week.