Monday, September 08, 2008

Ten Years Ago

On this day, ten years ago, a boy, who had just turned 19 two days before, had graduated from high school the summer of that year, and had joined the Navy and was headed to Chicago for basic training really soon, came home on this September afternoon, in shorts and a tee shirt along with his girlfriend of less than a year I'm thinking and announced to me that they had just gotten married. It was not a complete surprise, I knew they were going to do it even though I thought it was a big mistake. But I didn't know when and so yeah, I had to sit down. TOO young, and he about to go into the world, see the world, and I just couldn't believe they were going to get married. But they did. By the Justice of Peace in a little tiny town, just like that! I had an instant daughter in law that I just wasn't too sure about.

Just goes to show what I know.

Happy Anniversary Matthew & Amy

I love you both! And I'm so proud of both of you.


Tammy said...

Another coinky dink, Jolene and her hubby eloped very young. Glad they are all happy. XXOO

amy said...

Holy crap, I hope my child never does anything like that to her mother!!!!! I wouldn't put it past her, though - look at her examples! LOL
Once again, you got me all choked up. And, don't tell your son BUT even if he got tired of me, I'd want to keep you. :-)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Tammy, those couples sure have a lot in common for sure. Spooky.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Remember what they say about "pay back" Amy! Well thank you, I'd keep you too.

Memaw's memories said...

Happy anniversary Amy and Matt. And happy belated birthday to Matt also.

Hope the treatments can go on as scheduled. Doesn't it always go that one thing leads to another. I only recently learned that steroids will cause your sugar to go up. I have a friend who's been having steriod injections in her knees and she has the same problem along with others caused by them.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Shirley, it's good to see you back out and about. I've had a long day but I have some good news, I'll post soon.