Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Day Off but Not Really

I spent the majority of my day off working on a meeting for work. It's just a recap of the past year and some awards to some of the girls who accomplished their goals, things like that. We have to meet before the store opens and that gives me an hour but that hour flies by! One of the goals for the new year is to have more meetings but it is so hard to get everyone together at the same time, we mostly work different shifts since we are open til nine most nights. Anyhow, I got to get up an hour earlier and get there to set things up but then I should get the rest of the day off, we shall see.
Heard from my long lost son today. We've not seen him or talked to him in over a week, I'm sure he was visiting his wife. I couldn't handle having the conversation I have to have with him today, so I feigned a headache and told him I'd see him tomorrow....maybe.
The thing is that the six months we've supported him is about over and he's no closer now than ever being on his feet. But that's the way it is with him, and I have a hard time understanding how much is his illness and how much of it is the way he is! I suppose he'll go back to his wife and things will be no different. Very frustrating for me, and those of us who love him, but well, what can you do. All I can do is hope for the best. It's all I have left. It's a dream tucked away in this cedar chest that I just don't know for sure if it will ever come true. The dream for my son to live a somewhat normal life and to experience happiness.

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