Monday, January 08, 2007

Mama said there would be days like this......

We were busy at work today and the customers were fine but my associates, they were just strange! If I said hot, they argued with me that it was cold. Not sure what was up with this group of usually "nice" ladies today but wow! Glad when my day was over.
I feared I'd overdrawn from my calorie budget today, not that I ate anything I shouldn't have but it just felt like I was eating too much at each meal, but nope! I ended up with some to spare. I'm trying to shoot for 1700 to 1800 a day, and today I came in at just under 1400 and I'm not hungry a bit! I had a little pot of tea when I got home and it's almost bedtime, so there you have it! GO ME!
THe best news is we don't have a conference call in the morning, so I can sleep in a little, tommorrow is my night to close.
Other than that, pretty much just a day.
Tommorrow's another day. I'd like to take a break and do something really fun soon. Not sure what. My buddy is working in Louisiana and no telling when he and I will have the time to meet up, but I need to get away, see something different. Do something different....climb out of this rut!
Nighty night.

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